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March 2022

Welcome to the Aerophil Aerophilately Home Page. My name is Ken Sanford. I am an aerophilatelist and a part-time dealer in Aerophilatelic and Commercial Aviation Books & Literature, and air crash covers. I have the world's largest stock of Aerophilatelic books - both new and used, and a large stock of air crash covers. Listed below are a few recent additions to my Book List, Crash Covers List & Helicopter Covers List

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BOOK “Railway Disaster Mail” published by The Rossiter Trust click here for details

NEW - 733. BRIDGING THE CONTINENTS IN WARTIME – IMPORTANT AIRMAIL ROUTES 1939-1945, by Hans E. Aitink and Egbert Hovenkamp.  Originally published by de Stichting Luchtpostgeschiedenis Tweede Wereldoorlog, Enschede, The Netherlands, 2005.  227 pages, soft cover, A4 format.  Written in English, details the major airmail routes during the Second World War period between 1939 and 1945.  There are eighteen chapters.  See Book List for details on the various chapters.


Reprint, New, soft cover.  $50.00 plus applicable postage.



796. AIRMAIL OPERATIONS DURING WORLD WAR II, by Thomas H. Boyle, Jr.  Published by American Air Mail Society, 1998.  927 pages, soft cover.  The definitive work on airmail operations during World War 2.  Covers world wide routes, rates, and much more information.  Long out of print and much sought after.  One copy, new condition $200.00


625A. AUSTRALIAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE, 1990, 5th Edition. Edited by Nelson Eustis, published by Hobby Investments Pty Ltd. 307 pp.  We have a few new copies left.  Special clearance price.  $30.00


World War II Mail from Switzerland to Great Britain, Canada & the United States - A Postal History Handbook, by Charles J. LaBlonde.  Published by the American Helvetia Philatelic Society. Totally revised and updated from published articles.  Extensive archival material.  Over 230 illustrations.  5 new appendices on interesting and related topics.  Expanded bibliography.  Separate postal rate overview & summary.  75% airmail, but from an integrated postal history perspective (rates, routes & markings).  Spiral bound to lay flat.  Out of stock, but we might be able to find a copy

Train Wreck Cover - On 11 September 1932, a Southern Pacific Railroad train derailed in the High Sierra Mountains of California.  Five railway mail clerks were carried 150 feet down a steep embankement in one of the mail cars that rolled down the canyon.  Small size window envelope (2cent stamped envelope + a one cent stamp) from New York, probably to Oakland, Calif.  Rubber stamp cachet "Received in bad condition at/Oakland, Calif." plus manuscript "From Train Wreck 9/12/32" (it actually occurred on the 11th) and then a rubber stamp "CLYDE E. SMITH/CARRIER #63 M./OAKLAND, CALIF.".  Backstamped Oakland Sep. 13.  Scarce. $50.00.  Scan or fax copy available on request

Items from fire, which destroyed the Burlington, Iowa Depot.  It is a check which was being mailed to a hospital services association, which was badly burned.  There are two mimemograph explanations from the Burlington Post Office, which explain why the check is badly burned.  The original envelope in which the check was being sent, is gone.  Unusual items.  $75.00.  Scan or fax copy available on request

AIR CRASH MAIL OF IMPERIAL AIRWAYS & PREDECESSOR AIRLINES, by Kendall C. Sanford.  A publication by the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund.  See Book List

Volume One, Sixth Edition - AMERICAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE. This 500 page catalogue contains revised and repriced listings of the following sections:

U.S. Pioneer Covers - 1910-1916
U.S. Governmental Flight Covers
U.S. Air Express Covers
Crash Covers
Airport Dedication Covers
Mexico First Flight Covers - 1917-1939

US$42.00 plus actual postage

SPECIAL CLEARANCE - 263. LES BALLONS MONTES - BOULES DE MOULINS, PIGEONGRAMMES, PAPILLONSDE METZ, Gerard Lheriter. Valeur Philatelique, Nice, France, 1989, 253 pp.Very good & concise history of the Paris Balloon Posts. Gives background on personalities of the Siege, separate chapters on the more spectacular flights like the "Ville d'Orleans" & "Le Normandie". Describes all the various markings & cachets, including their value. Gives departure dates & mail postmark dates for each balloon. Lists all the aeronauts & passengers, lists those balloons from which plis confies are known, lists rarity of covers from each balloon, and gives weight of mail carried on each, and value of covers in French francs, including value according to country of destination. All illustrations in color. Complete listingof all lettre journals published & values. HC, NEW. SPECIAL SALE PRICE $38.50


AIRMAILS OF NEW ZEALAND, VOLUME 3 - INTERNATIONAL AIRMAILS 1940-1970, by Robin M. Startup, June 1997. Details the international airmail services from wartime flying boat era up to the jet age, and is a sequel to Vol. 2. See Item 638 in Book List.

CORSAIRVILLE, THE LAST DOMAIN OF THE FLYING BOAT, Graham Coster.  The story of the crash of the Imperial Airways “Corsair”ť in the Belgian Congo in 1939.  The complete story of the extreme effort to repair and fly the Short flying boat out, which took 9 months.  See Item 680 in Book List.

KATALOG DER DEUTSCHEN LUFTPOST, Teil 13: Erstfluge 1991-1999 - ohne Deutsche Lufthansa (Catalog of German Airmail, Volume 13: First Flights of airlines to/from Germany, except Lufthansa German Airlines), by Erich Haberer, 2000. See Item 647 in Book List.

TURBULENCE ON THE GROUND - PANAM AND BEYOND, Ed Parrey.  Pub. by author, 2000.  Nostalgic trip out of the past.  The good and the bad at Pan American World Airways.  The reader will be able to see what happens primarily on the ground at various airports. It is at times funny, sad and romantic.  The action and adventures at those places are hectic, therefore part of the title "Turbulence on the Ground".  Entertaining, interesting, humorous, intriguing.  See Item 683 in Book List.

PAN AMERICAN'S PACIFIC PIONEERS, THE REST OF THE STORY, by Jon E. Krupnick. Pub. by Pictorial Histories Publishing Co., Missoula, MT - USA, 2000, 700 pp. 9 x 12 inch format. A pictorial history of Pan Am's Pacific First Flights - 1935-1946.  Most complete collection of rare survey flight & first flight covers are shown in color as well as aircraft photos, poster/baggage label/timetable art, etc. A fantastic book. An update of No. 633, which was published in 1997.  See Item 684 in  Book List.

WINGED COURIER, by Harry Klein. Pub. by Howard B. Timmins, Cape Town, South Africa, 1955, 130 pp. A history of aviation in Southern Africa. Excellent coverage of the early airmail services, including Union Airways, Imperial Airways, BOAC and South African Airways. Very good black & white photos.  See Item 732 in  Book List.

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The Wreck & Crash Mail Society

The Wreck & Crash Mail Society was formed in the latter part of 1994, and is devoted to the collecting and study of all aspects of delayed and/or damaged mail and interrupted mail services.  Currently the Society is composed of four study groups, namely: the Air Crash Study Group, The Railroad Wreck Study Group, the Ship Wreck Study Group, and the Suspended Mail/Conflicts Study Group.

The Society publishes a quarterly journal "La Catastrophe", which contains articles on all aspects of wreck and crash mail, as well as news on new cover discoveries, auction realizations on wreck and crash mail, and questions from members who are seeking information on their crash and wreck covers and the stories behind them.

The Wreck & Crash Mail Society normally holds an annual meeting (so far, all have been held in London), where members display parts of their collection, meet other collectors of wreck and crash mail, and exchange information and material with fellow members.

If you have an interest in this area of postal history, the organisers believe that the Wreck & Crash Mail Society will fulfill your interest.  Annual membership dues are UKŁ15.000 or US$25.00, which includes a subscription to four issues of "La Catastrophe".

Go to: The Wreck & Crash Mail Society
for details and a membership application form


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