At the end of February, my wife Gloria and I flew to Oslo, Noway, stayed two nights, and then flew to Kirkenes, which is the Northeastern most town in Norway. The next day, we took a six hour dog sled ride out in the wilderness, next to the Russian border. It was minus 25 degrees celcius, but it was a beautiful clear sunny day. Gloria was a passenger on one sled with eight dogs, and I drove a sled with six dogs. I had never done this before, but it was fairly easy. I only fell off the sled three times. The next day, we boarded the ship "Midnatsol" (midnight sun) of the Hurtigruten ship line which goes along the Norwegian coast, stopping at nearly every village, delivering mail and cargo, and carrying passengers. Our friends Pauline & Tim from Geneva were already onboard.  After five days, we got off at the end of the line at Bergen, and Gloria flew home via Copenhagen, and I flew to Gothenburg and visted my friend Bengt in Onsala, Sweden.

            Gloria in front of Oslo Opera House                     Tobias Osberg, son of friend Bengt Plomgren at Oro Restaurant, Oslo                                   Kirkenes Airport

            Gloria getting ready for dog sled ride                                        Gloria & Ken with Andorra dogs                                    On the trail - shot by Ken from his sled

                        Gloria warming up in Sami hut                                                      View from our cabin                                                                        Norwegian coast

                      Seven Sisters Mountain Range                                          The Midnatsol at one of the ports                                                              Sunset along the coast

                Another sunset along the coast                                                        Our ship - the Midnatsol                                                         Late afternoon along the coast

                Crossing the Arctic Circle Ceremony                        Drinking cod liver oil & schnapps as part of ceremony                 German "Adolf" cannon from 2nd World War 

                         Barrell of "Adolf" cannon                                               Giant wrenches inside Adolf Gun bunker                                          Passing under a bridge at night

                            Our ship the "Midnatsol"                                                    Seven Sisters Mountain range                                                        One of the coastal ports

                             Houses along the coast                                                    Tying up the ship at one of the ports                                                        Spisestad

                            The hole in the mountain                                                                Gloria, Tim & Pauline                                                                  Dining Room

                                        Our cabin                                                                       Two lounges at front of ship                                                  Looking out toward front of ship

                                    Coastal village                                                                            Life boats                                                                            About to pass under a bridge

                           It was very beautful in Winter, and one night we saw the Northern Lights for many hours.